The best way of speeding your order up would be to call us on +27 11 452 3103. Give us your exact requirements. And make payment immediately.

Provided we have stock available, if you have placed your order. And made payment before 10AM in the morning. It can be ready for collection in teh afternoon by 5pm. However most orders are available for collection within 1 business day.

We will let you know by telephone, SMS or email as soon as your order is available for collection.

Yes our t-shirts are manufactured both locally and internationally in accordance to international standards. We get this question allot, because we have such low t-shirt prices.

Yes we do have samples of our t-shirts, which can be bought. Please call us on +27 11 452 3103 or complete the online sample request form.

Yes and No. Our actual minimum order quantity is 50 units of teh same style and colour. However we won’t turn you away if you only need say 10. We unfortunately can’t help you with one t-shirt unless you ask to buy a sample.

Yes we do, however we offer screen printing.

Payments must be done, before we can issue stock. And we accept payments by direct deposit into our bank account. Or cash.

Golf Shirts FAQ

The minimum order quantity for our Golf Polo Shirts is 50 units of the same style and colour. This means you can mix your sizes, but not the colours or styles.

For a Golf Polo Shirt you have various options available like this. DTG Printing or Direct To Gaurment Printing for small quantities. Custom Embroidery and Silk Screen Printing.

We supply long sleeve polo and polo short sleeve shirts. Manufactured from 180 GSM and 200 GSM Polycotton. Choose from Plain, Striped, Two Tone or CVC Golfers.

Our unisex Mens Polo and Women’s Polo Shirt Size starts from Small to Medium. Large and XL. For Kiddies sizes start from 3-4 / 5-6 / 7-8 / 9-10 / 11-12 / 13-14 Years Old.

Hoodies FAQ

We have five available colors to choose from. Blue Hoodie. Black Hoodie. Red Hoodie. White Hoodie and Yellow Hoodie

The minimum order quantity for hoodies is 20 of the same style and colour. Discount applied to large orders quantities.

Hoodies For Men and Hoodies For Women are available in various sizes. Ranging from Small to Medium. Large. XL and XXL.

Sweat Tops FAQ

The minimum order quantity for our Plain Sweat Tops is 20 units of the same style and colour. This means you need to order, for example. 20 White Sweat Tops with your desired sizes.

We don’t stock the following sweat tops like Hooded Sweatshirts. Cotton Sweatshirt or Fleece Sweatshirt. And items like a Bomber Jacket. Bodysuit. Backpacks. Activewear. Sweatpants. Track Jacket. Or Wallets.

We only stock the most common colours which is Black, Optic White, Dark Navy, Blue and Red. We don’t have charcoal grey. Forest green. Melange. Light grey or olive green.