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Two Tone Golfers

From R 103.47 Each Exclusive Of 15% VAT Two Tone Golf Shirts

We’re excited to introduce our Two Tone Golf Shirts range. Made from breathable polycotton. This features a blend of 40% polyester and 60% cotton. These Two Tone Polo Shirts get styled as an ideal all-day work shirt, giving you a true fit. They come in an array of colours that include Navy and Red Polo Shirt. Royal and Yellow Polo Shirt, White and Red Polo Shirt, and Black and Yellow Polo Shirt.

For the second colour we use on this garment, the secondary colours. Found on the sleeves around the armholes with 3 same-coloured buttons. Made side seams with double stitching on hems and sleeves. For durability and longevity. It also has a ribbed collar for comfort in hard labouring jobs. We also supply other types of garments including. Striped Golf Shirts (with contrasting coloured sleeves). Plain Golf Shirts, Plain Short Sleeve T-Shirts, Plain Hoodies, Plain Sweaters and more!

Two Tone Golf Shirt Definition

A Golf Shirt is sometimes called a Polo Shirt. It is a light, short-sleeved shirt with buttons at the neck and only long enough to be tucked in. A defining characteristic of the Two Tone Golf Shirts is the contrast color found around the collar and arm of the golf shirts.

Two Tone Golf Shirts For Sale

Buy Two Tone Short Sleeve Golf Shirts for Men and Two Tone Short Sleeve Golf Shirts For Women From R 103.417 Each Excl VAT


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See The Features Of Two Tone Short Sleeve Golf Shirts

Two Tone Short Sleeve Golf Shirts are the perfect choice for those who want to make a statement on the golf course. These shirts made with luxurious materials that feel great against the skin. The two-tone design is eye-catching and will help you stand out from the crowd. Two Tone Short Sleeve Golf Shirts are the perfect choice.

100% Polyester

100% Polycotton made up of 40% Polyester and 60% Cotton. This type of fabric is durable and strong the synthetic material holds it’s shape very well and dries fast.

Moisture Wicking

What Moisture Wicking is that it takes away moisture from your skin during any kind of physical activity when you sweat. Keeping you ultra cool.

Neck Tape

Comes with a 3 button placket that is the same colour as the shirt.

Double Stitching

Double stitching for long lasting added strength and stretch.

Wash Instructions

Simple Step by Step Guide How To Care For Your T-Shirts

Wash Instructions
Wash Instructions

Here is how to care for your Golf Shirts. Machine Wash in cold water (max 30°C or 90°F) on a gentle cycle. Use mild detergent, avoid bleach and fabric softeners. Turn shirts inside out to protect the print. Hang or lay flat to dry, avoiding direct sunlight. Iron on low heat, inside out if needed.


Get Answers To Frequently Asked Questions On Two Tone Short Sleeve Golf Shirts

If you’re thinking about investing in a Two Tone short sleeve golf shirt. you may have some questions about them. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions. that can help you decide if this type of shirt is right for you.

Will I Find A Two Tone Thats Suits Me

Yes, you should have no trouble finding a two tone short sleeve golf shirt that fits you well. These shirts are available in a variety of sizes and styles, so you’re sure to find one that’s just right for you.

Whats The Difference Between Plain & Two Tone

A two tone golf shirt is simply a shirt that has two colors, instead of just one. This can give your outfit a more stylish look and can also help you stand out on the course.

How many colors are available for the two tone short sleeve golf shirts?

There are a total of ten colours which is Black/Red. Black/Yellow. White/Red. White/Blue. Grey/Black. Pink/Red. Orange/Black. Red/Black.

What is the price range of Two Tone Short Sleeve Golf Shirts?

The price of the Two Tone Golf Shirts is the same as the Stripped Golf Shirts which is R103.47 Excl VAT and R119.00 Incl VAT.