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Plain Poly Brushed Fleece Hoodies For Sale

Kids From R86.09 (Excl VAT) And Adults From R103.48 (Excl VAT) Get Plain Poly Brushed Fleece Hoodies For Sale

Get 220 GSM Poly Brushed Fleece Hoodies now for an incredable price of R86.09 for kids and R103.48 for adults. For adults, they come in two colors: black and navy blue. Kiddie sizes 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, and 13.14 years are available for purchase. Adult sizes are small, medium, and large. XL and 2XL. Features a hood with no draw cord. Kangaroo pockets and double stitching on hems, seams, and sleeves. You may also like to take a look at our plain hoodies made from polycotton or our plain sweat tops made from polycotton.

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Kids Poly Brushed Fleece Hoodies From R86.09 Eacxh (Excl VAT) Adult Poly Brushed Fleece Hoodies From R103.48 Eacxh (Excl VAT)

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Poly Brushed Fleece Hoodies Features 

Standard Features of Plain Poly Brushed Fleece Hoodies For Sale

Fabric CompositionFabric Composition

A polycotton blend combines polyester and cotton fibers. Providing the benefits of both materials. This mix often results in a soft. Comfortable feel with increased durability and reduced shrinkage compared to 100% cotton.

Moisture WickingMoisture-Wicking

Polycotton hoodies often have moisture-wicking properties. Which help to keep you dry and comfortable. By drawing sweat away from your skin and allowing it to evaporate.

Wrinkle ResistanceWrinkle Resistance

The polyester content in the fabric. Helps to make the hoodie more wrinkle-resistan. Making it easier to care for and maintain its appearance.

Colour RetentionColor Retention

Polycotton blends generally have better color retention. Than pure cotton, which means the colors of your hoodie will stay vibrant for longer.

Fabric WeightFabric Weight

A 220gsm (grams per square meter) fabric weight. Indicates a heavy-weight hoodie, suitable for year-round wear. It offers a balance between warmth and breathability.

Fabric CareEasy Care

Polycotton Hoodies are usually easy to care for. Needing only basic washing and drying. They often dry faster than 100% cotton garments.

Care Instructions For Poly Brushed Fleece Hoodies

How To Take Care Of Your Plain Poly Brushed Fleece

Care Instructions

Here are simple wash and care instructions for your Poly Brushed Fleece Hoodie. Turn it Inside Out: Before you wash your hoodie, turn it inside out. This helps keep the colors bright and reduces pilling (those tiny balls of fuzz). Cold Water Wash: Use cold water in the washing machine. Hot water can make the colors run and shrink the hoodie. Gentle Cycle: Set your washing machine to the gentle cycle. This means the machine washes the hoodie slowly and softly, so it doesn’t get damaged. Use mild detergent: Choose a mild detergent, which is a kind of soap that’s not too strong and is gentle on clothes. No bleach: Don’t use bleach. Bleach is very strong and can ruin the colors and the fabric. Air dry if possible: After washing, hang your hoodie up to dry in the air. If you need to use a dryer, set it on the low heat setting. Avoid ironing: Don’t iron your hoodie. The heat from the iron can hurt the fleece. Remember, taking care of your hoodie this way will help it stay cozy and look good for a long time!

FAQ Poly Brushed Fleece Hoodies

Get Answers To Common Questions Regarding Poly Brushed Fleece Hoodies

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Branding Options

Available Branding Options For Poly Brushed Fleece Hoodies

Screen Printing

Screen Printing Poly Brushed Fleece Hoodies

Screen printing on Poly Brushed Fleece Hoodies Involves applying designs using special ink directly onto the soft. Fluffy material of the hoodie. This process creates vibrant, durable prints that last long and look great. Whether you want a logo. A catchy phrase, or a unique design, screen printing ensures your hoodie stands out. Perfect for events, team wear, or personal style. Our high-quality screen printing service on these cozy hoodie. Guarantees your design looks sharp and stays put wash after wash.


Embroidering Poly Brushed Fleece Hoodies

Embroidery on Poly Brushed Fleece Hoodies Adds a touch of elegance and durability to your design. Using fine threads, we stitch your logo or design directly into the hoodie’s soft fabric. Creating a raised, textured look that’s both stylish and professional. This method is perfect for businesses, schools, or personal projects. Where a high-quality, lasting impression is important. Our embroidery ensures your design is not only beautifu. But also resilient, making it ideal for hoodies that are worn and washed frequently.

Heat Press

Heat Press Poly Brushed Fleece Hoodies

Heat Press on Poly Brushed Fleece Hoodies Is a quick and efficient way. To apply your design using heat and pressure. This method involves pressing a special transfer paper. With your design onto the hoodie. The heat transforms the design into a durable. Vibrant print that really pops against the soft fleece. It’s ideal for any graphic, from simple logos to full-color images. This technique ensures your hoodie looks professional and stylish. Perfect for promotional events, team apparel, or personal wear.

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